Tesla Tree Service

Environmentally friendly tree service in South Jersey, with years of experience contract climbing
NJTC 939625, LTCO 1211







Tree work, for me, serves as a source of enjoyment and as a means of physical exercise. Initially, it began as a challenge, but it has since evolved into a profound passion. As a contract climber, I possess my own insurance, enabling me to undertake freelance assignments and collaborate with various tree companies. In this capacity, I serve as the lead climber and am frequently enlisted for the more exhilarating jobs.

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Packed strategically in my Tesla Model 3, I have all the cutting, climbing, and rigging equipment to ensure the safety of myself and your property. I take great pride in my commitment to environmental sustainability, as I primarily employ battery-electric chainsaws powered by solar panels, which also charge the car.

Husqvarna’s professional battery tool lineup is my go-to, but when more power is needed for larger diameter trees, I use Stihl’s new fuel injected MS500i with a 25″ bar and MS661 with a 36″ bar.


To obtain a general understanding of the costs involved, email TeslaTreeService@gmail.com with images of the tree(s) in question, as well as the surrounding areas. Please specify which services you are interested in. Alternatively, you may text or email your name and address to arrange a complimentary in-person estimate. My services are typically offered at a rate that is approximately half the cost of other tree companies in the area. Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are readily available upon request.

Wood benches, slabs, and timbers can be crafted on-site, allowing for the repurposing of lumber through the utilization of my portable bandsaw mill. Additionally, I have been honing my skills in bowl-turning using a lathe at home. This provides an opportunity for individuals to acquire a memento from trees that hold sentimental value.

Although I do not personally own a stump grinder or wood chipper, I collaborate closely with various local companies that do. As a result, full service jobs are easily manageable, and I am often able to negotiate more competitive pricing due to my professional relationships. In the absence of these specialized tools, ensuring the lowest and most competitive pricing, the wood can be left unprocessed, cut up for firewood, or prepared for removal by the local township.